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Aphrodite Carey is a villainess. She is a blue-grey caracal with lilac eye "whites" and red pupils. She wears a purple wig in a bun, grayish pink eyeshadow, a pink dress with a slit in the left leg (up to the knee) with sapphire sequins, pink fingerless gloves, purple nail polish on her finger claws, and red high heeled shoes.

Aphrodite is beautiful and polite, but she is a felon. She uses her beauty and manners to manipulate men. She attempts to make sure that Katie Wolf is never with Ricky the Lion so she (Aphrodite) can have Ricky to himself. She will do anything to kill Katie, or to make up lies to get her and Ricky to break up.

Aphrodite is hypocritical, as though she discriminates against Katie for "not being of the same species as Ricky," she herself isn't, but she takes it as different because she (Aphrodite) is feline and Katie is canine.