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Arachne Richards-Leon was the wife of Curtis Leon, but she didn't live to bear any cubs with him.

Arachne, named after a student of Athena who had been turned into a spider out of Athena's pity so she'd hang and yet live, is a husky Sumatran tiger with jungle-green (at least they're supposed to be) eyes, rust-red hair in a Sims-2-style French braid, a mauve, collared, long-sleeved shirt that doesn't come with buttons, a necklace of robin-egg-blue beads, blue jeans, and maroon sandals with yellow inner soles. She was a young college computer science major.

After Arachne married Curtis on September 20th, 2014, they went to an unknown honeymoon, but on their way back, they both died in a plane crash.