The Footloose Organism Party is Ricky the Lion's team. So far, it only consists of himself, his girlfriend Katie Wolf, his assistant Woodrow Webpaw, and the latter's girlfriend Tamara Fishcat.

On November 17th, 2013, two new members were created, and they are two French-speaking (only) rabbits named François Lapin and Jeanne Lapine.

An original idea was to have "Beast(s)" in place of "Organism", but according to the founder's thoughts, it would no longer be fitting if any primates, ungulates, birds, reptiles, amphibians, or invertebrates joined the team in the future. Besides, it was in case they were going to have a moving plant, such as a tumbleweed, on the team, but it is yet to even happen. Also, "party" was used to try a previously-unused synonym for "team", while "footloose" was less to be fitting for the current majority of the team (who goes barefoot) and more to be a word for "free".

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