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François Lapin is a new character for the Footloose Organism Party. He is a gray-furred European rabbit who has dirty blond hair curled up in front and orange eye "whites" with maroon pupils. His outfit consists of a teal sleeveless T-shirt and red shorts. He is bow-legged and, to be good at hopping, goes barefoot and he walks and hops on his toes. His feet are padded all over the soles.

François only speaks French, so when speaking to him, it is better if one does too, or has a companion who at least knows the language as well as that of the first companion.

François Lapin has a friend named Jeanne Lapine.


  • François's name is written with a "C" without a cedilla if written where accented letters are not allowed.
  • François's first name was suggested by another user.
  • Being a French speaker, François' last name, Lapin ("Luh- PEHN" with the N barely pronounced), is the French word for "rabbit".