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Jeanne Lapine is a new member of the Footloose Organism Party. Like her friend François Lapin, Jeanne is a European rabbit and she only speaks French, so anyone who speaks to her has to be good at speaking French. She primarily has lavender fur and, to a lesser extent, slightly bluish white fur. She has light blue eye whites with dark green pupils and strawberry blonde hair in a French braid. Her outfit consists of a jungle green T-shirt with two "blending" red circles for wintergreen berries, and a darker green skirt with two red circles, again for wintergreen berries. Tied to her hair is a green ribbon. To be good at hopping, like her friend François, she goes barefoot and walks and hops on her toes. She wears braces on all of her teeth, including her bucktooth, meaning that she can't eat whole raw carrots like a normal rabbit. Instead, she has to either chew them cut in small pieces with her back teeth or eat them well steamed.


Jeanne's last name, Lapine ("luh-PEEN," with the N completely pronounced) is the feminine form of "Lapin," meaning "rabbit" in French.