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Katie Wolf as she appears with her current shirt

Katie Abby Zinnia Wolf is the canine girlfriend of Ricky the Lion. She is an Ethiopian wolf with long feathered brown hair and blue eyes without irides, only cat-eye pupils. She wears a light-blue tank top with teal hearts in paw print form, light indigo jeans, a black belt with a gold buckle, and, on her toe claws, gold nail polish. Only when dressed formally can she ever wear shoes, as the closest to her kind of feet, being feminine, are high-heeled (because of the shape of her feet) sandals (because of her long claws); otherwise, she goes barefoot. Of course, though she always had a crush on him, she wasn't his first choice of love; he'd had a crush on a white lioness named Stephanie Ryen, until after he stood up for Rae the Lioness against his archenemy Curtis Leon, causing him to regrettably break up with Stephanie and take Katie as his girlfriend instead.


  • Katie's two middle names, Abby and Zinnia, come from the word "Abyssinia" which was the old name for Ethiopia, where her species of wolf comes from.
  • Katie originally wore a light cyan sleeveless shirt with teal hearts acting as a paw print, but because of mention of it resembling that of Korra from the Avatar cartoon on a requested fan art piece, it was changed to a wintergreen-pink T-shirt with frilly cuffs at the sleeves.
  • As decided in another person's fanfiction, Katie is allergic to cottage cheese.
  • Likewise, she has a fan-created sister named Jessica and is born to parents named Jack and Nancy, and has two cousins, Melinda and Nathan (all created by the same person who decided her food allergy).