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Midnight Lotiz, Murphy Dragonstar's sister by heart.

Midnight Lotiz was also the scout of her own adventure team known as the Wubb Girlz. She is also Murphy Dragonstar's sister. She unfortunately commited suicide due to bullying. She is forever missed.


Midnight is a lovable lioness; a heart of gold, a determined, yet positive outlook on life, and a tough side are just a few traits that make up Midnight's personality. However, when former Wubb Girl, Shimmer Ortiz, would sometimes get really ticked off, Midnight would sometimes dive for cover behind Shine. Aside from that though, Midnight would sometimes be the go-to girl if someone was having a problem. 


Midnight's main attire consists of a pink tank top with a light pink collar, a purple-ish heart near the top of her breasts, black leggings with a matching belt, and pink high-heeled boots.