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Ricky the Lion is a guest character and a friend of Murphy's. His teammates are his assistant, Woodrow Webpawhis girlfriend Tamara Fishcat, and Ricky's canine girlfriend Katie Wolf. Ricky is a golden tan-furred lion with brown human hair that happens to be long and ruffled (at least as long as he wasn't dressed formally) and has green human-like eyes and always wears square-framed glasses. His outfit generally is a white T-shirt under an unbuttoned red polo-style shirt with two white stripes with two inner red stripes surrounding a blue stripe, blue slacks, and (sometimes) white socks with gray heels and toes and brown shoes with black around and across the toes. When barefoot, he is shown to have four toes on each foot and his soles are cream-colored (except on the toes) with six pink circular pads in a triangular pattern with the pointed side down.

Currently, Ricky's team is known as the Footloose Organism Party.

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