Tamara Fishcat


Tamara Fishcat is the girlfriend of Woodrow Webpaw and an Asian fishing cat like himself. In contrast to her boyfriend, she looks a bit more masculine than he, has darker fur, and sings in a deep contralto voice like Cher. She has short curly hair and brown eyes. Her outfit consists of lavender eyeshadow, a red sweater, and green pants. It is shown that she is so allergic to peanuts that the sneeze that they cause is powerful enough to knock whoever is in front of the sneeze to be knocked out of his clothes (aside from his/her underwear, of course). Not only that, she acts like it's a big deal and doesn't forgive anyone who knowingly takes advantage of her allergies.

Tamara is never aware of why Woodrow will do anything to get out of singing in her presence or why her singing makes him uncomfortable, though ironically, her deep speaking voice doesn't bother him.

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