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Woodrow Webpaw is the assistant of Ricky the Lion. He is an Asian fishing cat with green eyes and red hair in a ponytail. He wears an unbuttoned light blue shirt with a darker blue collar, khaki shorts, and a belt. Normally to his own dismay, Woodrow sings in a mezzo-soprano voice.

One early day, Woodrow sang Michael Bolton's song "How Am I Supposed to Live Without You" at a birthday party, only to get laughed at by his fellow guests and the birthday person. Three professional male singers tried teaching him to sing in the respective male vocal ranges from lowest to highest (excluding countertenor), but neither bass nor baritone nor tenor worked for him, so he gave up on singing altogether... at least until Ricky introduced him to countertenors, some of which use falsetto, and some of which don't... he even introduced Woodrow to sopranists, and encouraged Woodrow to sing again. After the encouragement, Woodrow vowed to serve Ricky for the rest of his life to show him his thanks.

Woodrow has a girlfriend named Tamara Fishcat. Because his voice is higher-pitched than hers, he's uncomfortable with her singing, and he hides his own from her because he thinks she won't like how he sings (or him anymore).